Monday, April 12, 2010

Pff Who needs power?

This is the view from my chair looking out of my cube into the pod. It may not seem strange to you as maybe you work in an office without lights on, but this is very abnormal, especially for my pod (long story, but we're on the agency tour so our lights are always on). Today, we are working in a powerless building. And lemme tell you, the greenhouseness of our all-windows building and the fact that you can't see in the bathroom (which is windowless) is beginning to make for a not so pleasant day. Good thing I have a new computer or I would have long been cut off from the productive world, though my juice is quickly running out. So, I probably should stop this post. :)
And one side note since it's now bothering me in the picture above. If you notice the crooked pictures on my wall, know it's not because I see things crooked. It's because our cleaning people are crazy and always knocking stuff everywhere. I just hadn't restraightened everything yet.
Interesting day in the land of TRG.