Monday, April 26, 2010


I've been toying with the idea of starting an Etsy shop. If you aren't familiar with Etsy, I'd encourage you to check it out as there are really interesting things on the site. It is a site in which sellers of handmade or vintage goods can create a storefront and sell their products in a safe and easy way (i.e. more protected than other online sites).

Anyway, in theory it sounds like a great idea considering I love to create things. Practically, I have a lot to sort through before starting a potential venture. From creating a brand and store name to deciding which types of goods would be interesting/desirable to marketing products to stepping up my game as anything sold would have to be near perfect if I'm charging someone. Fairly recently I picked up this little book that goes through all aspects of this world:

It's been helpful so far, bringing up points I hadn't thought of. I need to keep thinking before jumping into anything. I also would need to ensure whatever I sold would not take up ridiculous amounts of time considering I have a full-time job! :) So, we shall see. Maybe I'll jump-in and maybe I'll decide it's too much work and pressure. I'll keep you posted!

PS I have several store names I'm currently thinking through, but haven't gotten to a place where I feel good about them. One includes the French word for butterfly, papillon, as I do already have a logo of sorts...