Monday, April 26, 2010

The Amazon Trail

When I was little, we had a game called The Amazon Trail that was basically a less cool follow-up to Oregon Trail. Instead of hunting, you'd fish and instead of dying from typhoid fever, you'd die from malaria. It was entertaining, before we beat it (it was much easier than Oregon Trail).

Well, come the end of July, I will be blessed with the opportunity to see how real the computerized version of the Amazon is. I'll be heading down to Brazil as a leader on the high school ministry mission trip. We'll be living on a boat and serving the villages along the river in many different facets from medical ministry to VBS to men's/women's ministry. (go here if you are not familiar with this trip and would like to read more) Not only am I excited to have the opportunity to serve the Brazilians, but also to serve the students going. I have three precious girls going and I could not be more excited to spend extended time with them and see them pour their hearts and souls out for others.

Tonight, I'm a little overwhelmed. Not in a bad way, just in an anxious way. I started working on the support aspect of the trip, which is a whole new world for me. I am anxious to see how God provides in ways I could not imagine, and have to remind myself that even though I only have a month to raise support for the trip, He is bigger than that time table. I'm also trying to stretch my mind and think of other non-traditional ways to potentially raise support, i.e. launching an Etsy store even earlier? I don't want to rush into that (especially since I know how much work it takes to create a brand!), but it could be a neat way to raise support. We'll see.

The other thing I am working on is getting a passport! This girl has only been outside the country to Mexico and Canada, and navigating the passport procedures is a bit daunting (is there a reason everything is so convoluted?). I already submitted a rush request to get a new copy of my birth certificate as my original one doesn't have the seal of Texas on it; no idea why that matters but apparently it's less official and no good. I then need to figure out where to take pictures and where you go to get a passport. I'm sure my Google-ing skills will prove helpful.

But I don't want the details to take away from the amazingness of this opportunity either in this posting (i.e. all you read) or in my heart. So, I end with asking for your prayers. Prayers for all of the folks going on the trip; that God will provide the means and take care of all of the details. Prayers for our hearts as we prepare for this adventure and to serve with everything in us. Prayers for the Brazilians we will meet, that we will be a Light, encouragement, comfort, and ultimately love to them as we work to meet needs and invest ourselves in them.

I'm sure you'll hear more about Amazon in the coming months, just to warn ya. :) I thank you in advance for any prayers; they are coveted and most greatly appreciated. Love to you all.