Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jama Party

Last Tuesday, I had the pleasure of entertaining this little darling for the night while her parents were rocking it out at John Mayer (can you rock out to John Mayer?).

We had a little "jama" party full of homemade pizza, popcorn, and Enchanted. Seriously, the girl loves princesses. Anyway, there were a few funnies that McKenzie shared:
1. She doesn't quite get the concept of roommate and proceeded to refer to Katie not by name, but as "sister." And she was quite disturbed that I was not helping my sister with her dishes.
2. Although I tried to sell her on the wonderfulness of a princess birthday party, she is dead set on having a Texas Tech 5th birthday this summer. Child is brainwashed. Her response when I said she could have a pink cake was "Daddy likes Double T." Oh well. :)
3. Kids notice aspects of movies that are blind to me. She laughed hysterically when the chipmunk in Enchanted was so scared he pooped. I had never noticed it before, but I'll always picture her contagious giggle from now on!
4. For some reason she's grossed out by kissing scenes (of which there are maybe two in Enchanted?) and proceeded to bury her face in the couch to avoid it. What a goof!
5. She knows the story of Christ, which just makes my heart smile. Although she randomly became shy, she told Katie about what he did on the cross and where he lives now.
Sadly it was only about 12 hours, most of which was sleep-time, but I'm thankful Dallas gets better concerts than Lubbock and I was able to see her for that time!