Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Am the Master

Okay, not really. I was selected by Heather to list six things in which I am a master. From there, I will tag six of you who I feel are a master of friendship. I have to say, I agree with Heather that you can never truly master anything as there is always room for learning, growing, etc, but we'll play the game. And, in Heather's honor, I'm throwing in some italics. :)

1. Music
This may sound strange. However, I'm a very musically inclined person. I have played seven instruments in my life (flute, piano, piccolo, french horn, flugal, trumpet a little, and guitar) and am a GIANT music snob. Yes, I'm admitting it.

One of my favorite things to do is discover new music. I love supporting quality, beginning artists across many genres. And there's a bit of fun knowing few people know who they are, and yet I have the opportunity to introduce them to others. The problem arises when that musician becomes mainstream and my "exclusivity" disappears (i.e. Michael Buble, or the growing Ingrid Michaelson). But in reality, as long as they stay true to their roots, I'm okay with that. Though it does make me sad when their concerts switch to bigger venues.

Anyway, I'd say also my taste in music is fairly broad with the exception of country which drives me nutty, hard core hip/hop, and some pop. Though my favorites are indie acoustic, jazz (not of the Kenny G variety), classical, and praise. Oh and I think I can sing ok; no Pavarotti, but ok.

2. Expanding creative horizons
I have always been drawn to anything remotely creative but really until the past two or so years have I begun sharing these ventures with anyone beyond my immediate family. In any case, I'm willing to try pretty much anything in this realm. One fun thing to me is to get an idea and figure out how to bring it to life. A few years ago I made my mom a nativity that we have coined Baby Jesus in a Hammock. It's a long story, took a while to determine how to make it work, but I think turned out cute. And obviously you have all been privy to my newest craft of sewing. I think it's definitely my favorite and I'm still shocked that with my mom and grandmother, it took this long for me to have interest.

3. Remembering
Remembering, you ask? Why yes, I have a wildly good memory when it comes to life circumstances. Now I can forget a simple detail incredibly easily and have to create lists at work or many projects would fall through the cracks, but life experiences? I'm like, well, an elephant. Which was embarrassingly my "nickname" on an old team at work. Seriously? Heather, I'm so coming after you and Ash someday. :)

Anyway, for the most part, this skill is great; however, it certainly has pitfalls when others do not remember something or as it relates to conflict. Also, the memory is based on my point of view, which I know can be skewed, and I must remind myself others may not remember these same situations. For the most part, though, it's good. I have a mental home video swimming in my brain (it's in video format, not photo :)).

4. Giving of myself
I love to serve. Love to give gifts, particularly those I created. Love to have the blessing to love and help others. This isn't hard for me at all. Probably what is hard is ensuring I still maintain healthy boundaries (stink, I'm so behind on reading that book, Sarah!) and allowing others to give of themselves to me. I have a problem in which I don't believe I'm worthy of gifts (in a larger sense), and have to allow people to humble and bless me. I'm a work in progress. :)

5. Driving
Okay, so no, I couldn't go join a NASCAR team (nor would I want to, could you imagine ME at NASCAR? Yeah, no), but I do have a nice, perfect, unblemished record. And not from any traffic school, solely because I drive perfectly.

Do you believe that? Don't. It's not because I drive perfectly, I'm pretty sure my ticketless driving career is partially based on pure luck. Yes, I do consider myself a safe driver, but I have been stopped twice and the officer chose not to give me a ticket. One time I am positive it's because he loves the Longhorns (I was on the way home from the Texas vs. A&M game outside College Station and obviously wearing orange). In terms of accidents, same thing. I have been blessed to be accident-free. Unless you consider the current scrape an accident, but I don't think that counts.

6. Being willing
To do whatever my dear Father wants of me. I may be slow in understanding what that may be and may struggle for a bit, but ultimately I believe and trust him and know only he can satisfy. And it requires daily reminding, and daily encouragement from my precious community.

So, curious if you've been selected?!?! Well Sarah, Jen, Caryn, Kristie, Kristin, and A you are the lucky six! A, I know you're my brother, but you're still my lifelong friend and, to be honest, I'm anxious to see what you'll write! Because let's face it, you're hilarious.

Are you excited? You should be. It's a great honor; one of the highest in the land. Your prize for best list may be a date with Father Patrick. Hahahaha, sorry Sarah, I had to do it. :)