Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Adventure

In my craft blog-stalking I ran across this website which I found intriguing. I was tempted to hesitate, but decided what the heck, I'll take the challenge!

Wardrobe Re-fashion

What is the challenge? Well, for the next two months, I will not buy a single piece of new clothing and instead commit to buying used (which is highly unlikely if you know my fears of all unorganized stores), refashioning clothes I currently own, or making from scratch. Um, how perfect? I actually have a slew of things in my closet I've had my eye on to refashion, and this pledge will push me to follow-through as I also committed to blog once a week about my creations. And, since I'm on a newly created budget, I can repurpose my clothing budget to other areas.

They have a lifetime pledge...pretty sure I'll never do that. I think two months is my maximum.

Well folks, I look forward to sharing my refashioned creations!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hatred of all things auto-related

This is my current view as I sit in my freezing cold car waiting for Katie to graciously give me a jump. Yes, I could go inside, but for some reason the cold is helping my anger.

See exactly one month ago (VW confirmed it), I had my car battery replaced after NTB sold me a bad one the year before. My VW tech looked over the whole car, confirming the car problems were due to a bad battery. So then, why on earth am I once again dealing with car starting problems?!? Ugh.

I'm fearful whatever is really wrong will be very expensive, because that's my luck.