Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You Have to go to the Living Seas!

When I was little, whenever we were being obnoxious (which was never for me but often for my brother, haha) my mom would ask if we needed an attitude adjustment. This was not a good thing and probably included a stern talking-to and some other punishment (is it weird I don't remember what happened but vividly remember the phrase?).

One summer we went to Disney World with my grandmother, Mema, and my cousin, Mark. Somebody was acting out leading my mom to threaten the elusive attitude adjustment. Well, Mark had never experienced one but, having seen our reaction, knew it was bad. So, he thought of the worst punishment he could muster and decided it must include a trip to the Living Seas, our absolute least favorite "ride" at EPCOT. I can still hear him stating this with his thick Texas drawl.

Today, I really needed an attitude adjustment. I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed or something, because I was all kinds of grouchy, annoyed, and tense. The smallest things would set me off in my mind, thinking ugly things. It was really quite ridiculous.

I started wondering where my attitude came from. I think some was just a slower, but frustrating, day after many many tough days, but also the cedar. I had a horrendous headache all day (this morning it was so bad I was nauseous) and realized the ugly ole cedar pollen was super high. Probably would have realized had I watched the news, but then again, I never watch the news. Anyway, I didn't feel fabulous, which definitely made me grouchy.

*sigh* thankful tomorrow is another day (I sound so Scarlet-esque!). It'll be a busy one spent mostly at Zales. Oh well. I guess everyone is allowed a grouchy day ever so often, as long as it's not the norm. I'll for sure take medicine tomorrow, though!

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