Monday, January 4, 2010

Have a Very Mario Christmas

Christmas was just fabulous! Lots of fun relaxing, food, and Super Mario. Super Mario? That seems like a strange thing to be included in a Christmas celebration!

Well lemme tell you, someone (I think my dad, but I forget) received the new Super Mario game for Wii and man alive is it fun and hilarious. We saw a commercial over the break for Wii that perfectly portrayed how this game goes. Topline, it is infused with elements from the old school Mario games, but you play "cooperatively." While I loved that element, the fact that you could knock each other off land, jump on heads, pick each other up, and eat one another with Yoshi led to much yelling and arm flailing. All in love, of course. Gotta love Mario!

Aside from that, we enjoyed hanging out and all the low-key elements of Christmas. Below are some pictures.

McKenzie made a nativity for my parents! It was so cute

McKenzie's Barbie tent created by moi...there was also a sleeping bag

McKenzie's loot from Santa

Potholders that I designed and made for my mom!

Corresponding dish towel; I made a retro-style apron, too, but never took a picture

McKenzie's new nightgown created by my mom (it's not hemmed yet). Funny thing, I had one similar to this as a kid that I called my Laura Ingalls nightgown. So, I kept telling McKenzie she was Laura, which she didn't understand; hence the facial expression :)

My brother "beautified" by McKenzie

All of us girls got funny socks!
Taylor Swift Barbie doll...she sang Love Story when you pushed her stomach

And one of my favorites...Hook 'em!