Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Christmas Story

I absolutely love to hear kids’ versions of stories as their simplistic way of looking at the world is so precious. Apparently yesterday at preschool, McKenzie’s class made Christmas decorations for their parents including a dictated note of what the Christmas story is. This is what McKenzie’s said:

God gave him to an angel, the angel gave him to Mary. They walked to Bethlehem, there were lots of people, they had to go to the manger. They laid baby Jesus in the manger, the shepherds were there. The three wise men went to the manger to bring a box of money to Jesus.

I love it. And in case you’re wondering about the box of money, we think she got it from frankincense (“cents”) and that it comes in a box since that’s how all of wise men are displayed in nativity scenes. Another sweet moment my sister in-law, Heather, heard was McKenzie playing in her room alone and stopped to say Dear God, thank you for the first day of Christmas, love McKenzie.

On another note, while my mom was here this past weekend, I got my Christmas present from her which are these:

I LOVE them! (And have worn them everyday this week, which is saying something considering I love shoes and accessories and am quite obsessive with switching things out). They are super comfortable and look cute with jeans or tights! And we all know how Sarah feels about tights! Perfect timing, too, for Colorado.

Speaking of Colorado, we leave tomorrow night for ski trip. I'm excited, but feeling a little overwhelmed. See, there's no schedule, at least that I know of. Which usually wouldn't bother me one bit since I'm definitely not a schedule person (my mom actually laughed with my aunt this weekend when I came up with a plan...I'm so not a plan person!). For some reason, though, it's stressing me out that I don't know things such as the amount or type of clothes I may need. And coffee. If you knew the number of emails Sarah and I sent about coffee this week (and to Mel...) you'd laugh. So, I suppose I'm not that worried about the actual schedule, per say, more the extraneous things.

I'm also a little overwhelmed because I'm finishing up Christmas presents, at least the ones that have to be finished (i.e. I haven't completed my grandparents' gift, but know they will appreciate it after Christmas, too). Last night I worked on McKenzie's, which is proving to be a wild undertaking. I can't share too much, but my ambitiousness when it comes to creating things out of thin air can sometimes wear me out. Though I love the challenge, too.

Happy almost Christmas!