Thursday, December 31, 2009

Altitude & Mountain Men

Well, I’m not sure I can officially call it a “ski trip” considering I only skied half a day and that was ski school. I think I should rename it “altitude sickness trip.” Oh yes, I got sick and for about two days thought I wasn’t going to make it out of the mountains. You think I jest, but no, I thought I would die and had the bright idea that it may be better to rent a car and drive back to Dallas (my girls, Sarah, and Mel can attest to my feeling-badedness…I couldn’t stop crying, kind of embarrassing). In spite of this, I still had a great trip enjoying the cold, the cute town, and the fabulous people and will probably go again next year? Eek, I’m a little nervous about that…

The last day I was finally hungry and feeling like a normal person, so Mel, Leanne, and I ventured into town. Leanne is a new friend who I quickly began to love! It shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering she is Sarah’s cousin and I already know how fantastic she is; must run in the family. Anyway, before heading into town, we learned a snow storm was coming that night so, being the smart girls that we are, asked Mel if we could leave early. She informed us she was not in charge of the schedule. Of course we followed that with asking who we could ask to leave early. She told us we were high maintenance. Little did she know…

Later that afternoon back at the lodge, an employee came up to talk to Mel about checking the road conditions, etc for us. After he walked off, Mel exclaimed how nice he was, which I took to mean she had a crush on Mountain Man as we coined him. Leanne and I then made it our goal to get a picture of Mountain Man, though blurry, and encourage conversation between the two, though not hard to do considering he was looking up road conditions for us. Sadly, we left and learned Mountain Man is a smoker. On the trip home, Leanne found a book in a grocery store with the keys for all of us to find our own Mr. Rights…too bad we didn’t buy it. Mel could have her very own Mountain Man who loves her and sweet Bingley right now. *sigh*

Mountain man

The solver of all our Mountain Man problems!!

Aside from the taunting, sickness, and playing, I did have great times with the little girls. Club each night (well, the times I went…) was fabulous and I greatly appreciated Braun’s talks and Jarrod’s worship leadership. All of which led to great discussions and lots of good sharing amongst the girls. I am ALWAYS excited and encouraged when they share openly about hard things in order to receive accountability and be pointed back to Truth.

Till next year ole mountain…I will defeat you, I know I can.

Sarah the expert skier and CPA!!!!!

Ally, Allie, & Morgan, sweet darlings
Mel and me...pre Mountain Man taunting...

Leanne and I as snowmen
We're skiing!!!! hahaha

This is actually from the trip to Crested Butte, but Mike's mug
pose makes me laugh every time I look at it