Thursday, November 26, 2009


Meet Winston. He is my parents' rescue basset hound. He was about two when they adopted him (so the vet thinks). He was not well loved, awfully skinny, and a nervous nelly when they got him, but sweet nonetheless. Winston hates to be alone and follows you everywhere. He's not very intelligent, though I grew up with golden retrievers (still weird that my parents have bassets!) which are incredibly intelligent, so probably not fair to compare.

Winston loves the longhorns. He didn't have a choice, really, because God chose to make him burnt orange and white! His favorite cuddly blanket is a fleece longhorn one. Though his choice chew toy is a random.

Winston helped cheer on the longhorns tonight for a win against the aggies. He was nervous right there with my dad and me, but cheered along! (I must be honest and say he actually just laid on the floor wrapped in his blanket, chewing on hedgehog. Like I said, he doesn't like to be alone! But I pretend he was cheering).

Thanks for the spirit, Winston. I hope you enjoyed your thanksgiving as much as I did.

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