Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Will You?

For the past few weeks, I have been working on a project at work that causes me to be knee-deep in engagements, weddings, and lovey talk. Most of the time I'm able to sort through it and just focus on doing my best work, but I ran across a statistic that keeps ringing in my ear. The average age for brides is 26. And I'm 28.

I know this is a statistic and reflects the middle of a higher and lower age, but it's still a bit disheartening to see over and over in my presentation (well, it's only on one slide, but you get the picture). After a day of working on this particular project, I headed to Anthropologie solely to wander. I was successful at only wandering and getting ideas for things when I ran across a few kids items they were selling. I was immediately drawn to them because they were oh so darling and previously vintage. My mind was filled with dressing my kids in similar fashion (though I'd find a way to make it since $60 for a kids' sweater is ridiculous).

I left the store with these visions dancing in my head and was then reminded of the average age of brides and was saddened. It's amazing how my mind works; one minute I'm dreaming of things and the next I'm a little bummed.

I don't have an "ah ha" moment to share, simply the realization that I am never too far from struggling with singleness (yes, recently my head has been full of other things and I seriously thought I didn't care anymore). This continues to point me to my reliance on God alone. And gave me thankfulness that I have a darling niece to spoil and give cuteness to. I sure am glad she's a girly girl princess! ;)

Tomorrow I head home for thanksgiving; yippee! Excited to see my parents!

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