Sunday, November 22, 2009


Well stink. I missed another day. Oh well.

This weekend was relaxing and great. Friday night I had the priveledge of going to Emily, one of my small group girl's, musical Beauty and the Beast. She played Babette the French maid. It was awfully hilarious to watch her flirt with Lumier, the candlestick. The show was fun and many of the kids were very talented. It was also fun to meet all of Emily's family.

Saturday I wasn't feeling too fabulous so spent much of the day working on things on the couch or taking a nap. Katie and I did go to the wonderful CityCraft to pick out fabric to make Christmas stockings to hang in our house! They're going to be super cute! Then Saturday night we had a girls' night at our favorite Gloria's to celebrate Sarah! She's an amazing example of perseverence to me as she has endured much this year and been working through the CPA exam (seriously, that test is brutal...I wouldn't survive!). This was the last section, praying for the result! And Sarah, know you are a rockstar and living the perseverent nature described in James. Love you!

Today, I almost finished one Christmas present that I'm REALLY excited about! I designed the patterns and it all turned out super cute! Can't wait to share! :) Then Katie and I were rebels and skipped church/shoreline. We both werent feeling fabulous so decided just to take it easy. Instead we watched some cheesy ABC Family Christmas movie and heard this ridiculous Baskin Robbins ice cream cake commercial, with a super cool rap, about 100 times. I'm now singing the song in my head...ridiculous.

Excited for thanksgiving and time with the family! :)

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