Sunday, November 8, 2009

Texas, Texas YEE HAW!

Well, stink! I missed a day of blogging...I'll make up for it.

It was that time of year again for the Draw, the annual country western dance/country-type events party for student ministry which occurred last night. I have to be frank and say this is one of my least favorite events we do. Partially because I am just not a country person and actually find country music quite annoying. There are other reasons, too. In any case, I actually enjoyed this year! I think a huge reason was the fact that instead of having to ride on yucky ole buses out to Kaufman, it was hosted right here in Dallas.

Anyway, as I often do, I didn't take very many pictures and sadly only have one with a small group girl! Kristin took several (including one with most of our darlings and with the trifecta), so hopefully one will turn out. You'll also notice my "country" gear. Let's face it, this vintage-loving girl just isn't country. But hey, longhorns live on ranches! And Texas, Texas yee haw is one of our cheers! :) I will also say, I'm not a big fan of myself in most of these pictures...grr... But here it goes!

My fellow longhorn buddy, Karla!

Community! We missed Jen and Caryn

My dear Emily and the only picture I have with a small group girl!

Mel et moi
The cowboy girls!