Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Take a Chill Pill

To get into my building from the area of Dallas I come from, you have to make a left turn at a light and immediately go over DART train tracks. Not only is the DART nutty, but the turn signal is quite fickle and there have been multiple accidents at this intersection since I began working here, one fairly bad one involved a coworker.

Needless to say, this morning, I was not aggressive in my turning and thereby angered a man quite badly. Let me back up. I was sitting at the turn signal behind a line of cars. The light turned green and everyone started moving. When I was almost at the light, it turned yellow. On a typical day, I'd run it since it had just changed. However today, there was a line of cars trying to turn into our building parking lot and I would have ended up parked on the train tracks for at least a minute or two based on the back-up (not sure what was going on there...think it was affected by the construction next door to us). So, I chose to wait out the light rather than risk being stuck on the tracks.

Well, this made the guy behind me SOOOOOOO mad! He began honking, flailing his arms, and trying to find a way around me, which I didn't understand since the light was now red and there was plenty of on-coming traffic. I did find myself getting frustrated with him, wanting to find him in the parking garage and explain. Of course I'd never really do that... I don't know what his deal was or why he was in such a hurry (he doesn't work here, not that I was anywhere near the 8:30 sign-in).

Angry driver man, I'm sorry I made your blood pressure elevate. However, I'd hope you'd see I was not only helping keep myself safe, but you also. Have a good day!