Friday, November 20, 2009

Smoreful Thanks

This Wednesday, we decided to have a special Thanksgiving small group! We met as a large group at my house and thankfully we had all but four of our girls! Yippee!

We started the night with some praise and worship led by Molly and me. I was a little off; I hadn't really played my guitar in a while (need to get back into it) and my present cold/allergy hoopla was making it difficult to sing. In spite of that, it was a good time and the girls didn't mind our amateurness. :)

We then transitioned into sharing "highs/lows" for the semester. I continue to be impressed by our precious girls' willingness to pursue Christ. No, they do not do it perfectly as none of us do, but they have hearts that want to know him and live by his power. After that, we had a "Bible drill" in which the girls were tasked with looking up a verse to encourage the girl to their left in what they shared. It was hilarious watching them sift through the hodge podge of Bibles we gathered at my house for those who didn't bring them (kind of obnoxious, but watching them flip through a one year Bible and an Amplified Bible made up for the obnoxiousness). I think this was a great challenge that we stole from the wonderful Katie. I plan to implement it into small group more consistently as they learn to encourage one another in Christ, not just with their own words.

After that, we moved outside for smores and campfire time! At this time, I realized I have never started a fire in my life. Well, apart from a candle, but that doesn't count. I had a fire starter log, but we could not for the life of us get it going. Thankfully Lisa is a camping pro and shared some great tips! (she also magnificently put the fire out without burning us up) Anyway, our girls continue to make me laugh and the pictures below represent a few of our funny smores-time. I'm so thankful to be a part of their lives!

Fire finally started...looks like the Galvin girls are singing!

Morgan prefers her smores a la microwave

Haha for so many reasons...oh Ally and Madeley

The group and our magnificent fire