Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Random Thoughts on Creative Encounters

In my job, I not only build lots of presentations but also see presentations. Well, yesterday we had a lunch meeting with a certain large television network group who, quite frankly, had a horrifically ugly presentation. I'm talking cattywhompus (no idea how to spell that, sound it out) boxes, words and images bleeding over lines, random fonts, etc. It was so visually displeasing that I had a difficult time seeing past it, though thankfully the content was interesting. I'm not trying to be a snob, but I know I can build good presentations. I learned from a visual master (you know who you are!) who used to tweak and tweak things until they looked as perfect as possible. I've also managed to create the most bizarre and cool things via powerpoint (seriously, kind of want to learn how to do graphic design). Anyway, it just disturbs me when presentations are hideous, especially from so-called creative people.

On the same creativity vein, yet on the whole other spectrum, I started an "idea" book this weekend. The thought came after spending time with dear Sarah and Mel Sunday night and thinking later about the amount of random ideas of the creative nature that float through my mind at any given time. It gets a bit overwhelming (and leads me to think I'm a tidge crazy...) so decided rather than think on them, I'd capture them. Maybe then I could connect it and eventually create or be inspired. I had an idea book in college, so we'll try it again!

And lastly, I made this necklace this weekend and am quite proud of the outcome. It was just something I played at and didn't really expect it to turn out well. I was going for an Anthropologie-esque look. Speaking of that store, I popped in on Saturday (the benefit, or curse, of living basically next door) to wander. I wasn't planning to buy anything, nor did I, but holy cow did I get so many ideas just from looking at their many treasures! Oh how I love it's vintage, Frenchiness. Very me. :) And I'm actually thankful it's pricey as I'd go broke if it was more affordable! My practical, thinks everything should be $20 max self can't rationalize spending that much on things. But I love it nonetheless.