Thursday, November 5, 2009

Make it Work

Oh how I love Project Runway! It is my absolute favorite show. What's not to love? Creativity, fabulously talented designers, drama, intrigue, and the marvelous Tim Gunn. I'm a little sad that this season is almost over. Not only just because I love it, but because Katie, Stacy, and I have a sort of weekly tradition to watch after our community group or leaders meeting (whichever occurs each particular Thursday).

Anyway, my favorite for this season is Carol Hannah. She is talented, down to earth, and genuine. I think Irina is incredibly talented, but she is just plain mean which diminishes her talent to me. Every time I watch, especialy now that I've begun sewing, I try to imagine how they execute their ideas. It's so facinating to watch them become inspired and create something out of fabric (or flowers, or trash, or whatever crazy material, though this season was primarily just fabric).

Anyway, and now I go to bed after a long week and many late nights.


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