Saturday, November 28, 2009

Last day

Another laid back relaxing day in San Antonio with sewing, Christmas movies, football, food, and just enjoying the day. I don't have much more to share other than being bummed I have to drive back to the real world tomorrow. Hoping for little-to-no traffic so I can get back in time for Brothers & Sisters and a little Christmas decorating with Katie! Then also excited for CityCraft lounge night on Monday with Sarah.

On another note, I only have two more weekends and three weeks until ski trip. I'm excited but getting a bit freaked out since I not only have zero ski clothes but don't even know what I'd need. I was hopeful my dad would have a coat I could borrow, but it didn't work out. I may be the only person in a 3/4 length wool coat, sweater, scarf, and jeans since that's how I know how to dress winter-style...could be interesting...

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