Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's Journey Time!

It sure is odd to open an email in the morning with a picture of you and some words you wrote over a year ago! Yes, folks, my Journey entry released today. (Side note: for those who do not know, my church has a ministry called Join the Journey in which we read through portions of the Bible across the year and each day a devotional written by members of the church accompanies the passage. This year we are reading through the Psalms, Proverbs, Job, Song of Solomon, and Ecclesiastes)

The 2009 devotional entries were submitted sometime last September or October and I feel like I submitted mine on the last date (gotta love it). I didn't save a final version of my entry nor did I save my bio thing, so I was a bit anxious to read what I had written!

Anyway, my first thought in re-reading the words God laid on my heart so long ago was how much MORE true they are today than they were then. I had just begun CR when this was written and really had barely scratched the surface in living in community. Praise God that he placed something on my heart from the passage in Psalm (Psalm 119:153-176 to be exact) and did not let it stay there. He continues to move and shape my thoughts, heart, views, etc, molding me into a transparent woman seeking to follow after him with my everything. He continues to teach me what it looks like to live wholly for him and in true community.

My second thought was how short my hair was then! Hahaha. And how dark it is; I LOVE dark hair and guess I still don't think mine is that dark. Well, it sure was in this picture! Guess I won't be coloring it anytime soon. ;)

Well friends, I pray God's word, both the passage in Psalm and the words he laid on my heart, encourage you today. I pray you will draw into a deeper relationship with him and that praise and thanksgiving will be on your lips! I love you all.