Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gobble Gobble

I woke up this morning and immediately after going into the kitchen to get coffee was greeted with a very cheerful, "gobble gobble, happy thanksgiving!" Yes, my dear roommate is a morning person and super cheery and funny in the morning. Well, she's funny always, but still. :)

So, since I gave Christmas some attention and we haven't even gotten to Thanksgiving, thought I'd devote a posting to it, too! Of course I have a greater love for Christmas, but there are some reasons I like Thanksgiving:

1. It's based in history and we all know I LOVE history!
2. It feels very fall-like (well, except in Texas but I like to pretend) which I also love, including the wonderful colors!
3. It's about thankfulness, which I have much to be thankful for
4. Rolls, mashed potatoes, and pie!
5. Macy's Thanksgiving Parade...yes, I watch it every year and was super excited when I discovered which network aired only the floats, which is my favorite
6. A mini break and fun times with family
7. Football! Especially watching the Longhorns kick the Aggies' tail :)
8. And finally, it's the official start of Christmas!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!