Monday, November 16, 2009

Black & White or Color?

Friday night around the fire, the question was brought up of whether Its a Wonderful Life should only be in black and white as it was filmed or if the colorized version was good. Not everyone shared their thoughts, but the large consensus was black and white. Not only is it the original, but it evokes a sense of nostalgia to the christmases of old and a simpler time.

I personally LOVE old movies and feel all should be kept in their original form (black and white or color). I'm definitely a lover of film noir! Sometimes I think maybe I was born in the wrong era based on my love of all things 30s and 40s. The music, fashion, movies, etc; I love it all! I think some of it is just how I am, but I also think a lot comes from my grandmother. She introduced my mom to the entertainment of her youth and then introduced me, too, both through my mom and times with just me. My Mammy always has music playing as she cooks or works in her sewing room. I have many memories of watching and playing and learning from her to the sounds of Frank, Dean, Peggy, Ella, and the gang.

All of my Christmas favorites are also vintage. Every year I watch many of the classics (along with the Hallmark and ABC Family cheesy ones), but White Christmas and the Bishop's Wife are top on the list (along with Christmas Vacation, but that doesn't really fit here...).

With that said, what is your opinion: black and white or color?

Oh I love Christmas! So excited to listen to my Christmas music and watch the fabulous movies!! Fingers crossed it stays cold, too!

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