Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday?

Today was not so black for me. I started the day with sleeping in, unintentionally, and was woken by two funny dogs wanting to play. I then watched some cheesy Christmas show with my mom, followed by sewing!!! Funny thing, my mom, the former fashion designer proceeded to tell me the pattern I selected was too hard and complicated. And that I chose quite possibly the most difficult fabric to work with. I was (and am) optimistic as I LOVE to challenge myself!

We didn't get crazy far as we decided to go see a Christmas carol in 3d. It was good, but definitely too scary for kids! At least little ones. We had yummy leftovers for dinner and completed the night listening and singing to Christmas music outside by my parents' chiminea (a firepit-like thing).

All in all a great day of relaxing! And to top it off, my brother set my grandmother up on facebook! Too cute. (he's in Arkansas at his in-laws for thanksgiving but swung by to spend the afternoon with my grandparents in Fayetteville to see them, even more since my grandfather just got home from the hospital).

Now getting some reading in and it's early to bed!

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