Thursday, November 12, 2009

6 Observations

I've had a few random observations and thoughts today. Six to be exact.

1. I had to run a quick errand over lunch today and at the store, a guy tried to accuse me of printing my own money because the $5 I gave him was too stiff. He crinkled it and glared at me, after which I assured him I didn't know the first thing about printing money. Weirdo.

2. I work on the 12th floor and spend time in the elevators each morning, evening, and randomly throughout the day (usually only when heading down to 1 where another guy on my team sits; we have a thing about using the stairwell). It's interesting to guess who works here and who works at the other companies that office in our building. I'm usually correct in my guesses; advertising people have a "look" about them, I suppose.

3. In the 12th floor bathroom, one toilet has a penny at the bottom with a sequin stuck to it. It's been there for several weeks and I always wonder a) why did anyone have a penny with a sequin stuck to it? and b) how did it end up in the toilet?

4. There are key times of the months and days of the week for sales reps to call. Their parting line is typically "I'd like to send you some information..." I always let them, even if it is the farthest reaching idea ever. Needless to say, I get a lot of email.

5. Every day I am baffled by the blog posting time as it is always WAY off. I don't know where it gets it's time from, I'm thinking it thinks I am writing from California maybe. In any case, I don't know how to fix it so continue to find it odd that it says I posted at 5:30am when I knew I was sound asleep then.

6. With the #4 email phenomenon, I am an obsessive email deleter. I actually get extremely stressed when I have too many as I use it as a sort of "to do" list. My ideal amount is around 15. Right now I have 66. Does that say anything about my workload this week? Or my email deletion laziness? Hmm...I'm going with the former. With that, better get to the emails and stop with this posting.