Wednesday, October 21, 2009

They Should Call it Hini-way!

A few weeks ago we had our annual high school retreat out at Pine Cove. Thankfully this year was better than last year by leaps and bounds, and I greatly enjoyed the time with our "little" eleventh grade girls!

Oh and if you're curious about the title, Ally thought they should change the name of the retreat from Hideaway to H1n1-way due to the swine flu, but pronounce it "hini." Silly girl. :)

Classic. Dancing, and Allie almost falling on the cord


Ghetto-tastic Katie K!

Yay for community! We missed Jen and Caryn

Darling Galvin girls

Flamingo kickball, girls' advantage

Flamingo hockey! Super funny

Morgan and Molly preferred to dance

Em and Molly

We're tough

And cute!

Flamingo spoons

Ally's sad she lost :(

Lotsa candy...