Friday, October 23, 2009

Laughs, Italics, and Food

Heather has been my supervisor or boss for the majority of the past five and a half or so years. Today is Heather’s last day of work as her husband accepted a promotion and they will be moving to Northwest Arkansas. I am excited for their new adventure, but am sad to see her go. She has been a great boss, taught me lots, and made the craziness more interesting. In honor of her departure and her love of humorous things (and italics!), I thought I’d share a few of my most memorable memories over the years:

Putting 21 hours on our timesheet when we left the office at 4am. Not quite fun, but memorable nonetheless

Endless late night dinners at Bakers and Chipotle to stay under the $7 limit; so many that we could order for each other without even asking

Watching Wedding Crashers with our client; I still can’t believe we had to do that…

Walking off the elevator at our hotel in Orlando to find we were wearing basically the exact same outfit

Calling Brendan multiple times on night at, oh probably 11pm, and me laughing so hard I couldn’t talk; thankfully he and I were buds so he thought his multiple laughing messages were equally hilarious

Late night dinner at Potbelly’s followed by Pokey-O’s; entirely too much food and too much information on who Ashley thought has a good body…

Jim dropping peanut shells on the floor in your cube as if he were in a bar, and the wonderful cartoon Jim on a Post-it

The Stars game…enough said

When the competitive presentation crashed at 11pm and I was so stressed out I just sat in your cube and cried, but thankfully it all came together as everything always does

And probably my all time favorite, the entire Orlando trip when Larry fell on Ashley and me in the van, tried to convince Jim to get a tattoo, the dancing Sunday dress, and…

Heather, thanks for the many memories, pushing me to always do my very best, teaching me, and striving to make our many work hours as fun as possible. I’ll miss working with you every day, but am excited to hear about all of the new Arkansan adventures. And finally following you on facebook. :)