Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Group - Be Here

One of my favorite things to do is listen to music in my car and sing. I pretend no one can see me and just belt it out (which I’m sure plenty of folks have pointed at me and laughed, but I could care less). There’s a road between Austin and my parents house through the “country” that is my most favorite place to blast music. It was my road home while in college and I tended to drive it at night. Night is by far my favorite time to drive, thereby my favorite time to sing.

Monday night my small group co-leaders and I met to catch up and chat through the year. Times with them are always so encouraging and I left the frigidly cold Starbucks full of warmth thinking about the great things God has in store for the year, be it times of difficulty or times of ease, it’s all in his hands. I’m sure many of my student ministry friends would share my sentiment in this, but I am often asked by others how I spend the time and energy I do with my girls. They are shocked to hear I have been in their lives since seventh grade, meet with them multiple times a week, pray for them, spend weekends on retreats with them, etc. My answer is easy as it is a joy, and each one of our precious girls are enfolded into the fabric of my life. I know God uses me, but he has used each of them in great ways as they learn more about him, encourage and love one another, pursue righteousness, embrace authenticity, experience rough times with grace, and trust. I am constantly praising God for his works in their lives and for giving me the opportunity to be a part. I could go on and on.

As I drove home Monday night, I reflected on some great times over the years with our girls. One of my most favorite times was our retreat last year. We got away as a group to the lake, enjoying one another, and simply hanging out with sweet Jesus. Aside from sharing times, an incredibly special moment God gave us was on the drive out to the lake. We were in the middle of nowhere and after listening to endless Hilary Duff, High School Musical, etc, one of my girls asked if we could listen to praise music. Of course I said yes and the last hour of our drive was spent praising God together as a group under the stars. I had a glimpse of what heaven must be like as I listened to their sweet voices sing truths. We also had praise time over the weekend in which I led worship with our talented Molly.

I’ve recently become quite obsessed with the below song, which I found through my random search of relatively unknown music (another one of my favorite things J). It’s called Likeness of Jesus and is by Jonathan David Helser. My prayer for my precious girls is God makes this the cries of their hearts. As the lyrics say, there is nothing keeping us from God since the temple veil was torn after the death of Jesus. Praise Him.

I want the cry of Moses
I want the ears of Samuel
I want the heart of Mary
Most of all
I want the likeness of Jesus

I want the prayers of Daniel
I want the voice of John
I want the walk of Enoch
Most of all
I want the likeness of Jesus

From glory to glory,
I am transformed,
Nothing between us,
The veil has been torn

I want to be holy as he is holy
I want to be righteous as
He is righteous
I want to be loving as
He is loving
Most of all I want to
Be like Jesus