Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Wee Bit O Crazy

I’m a little bit crazy. And crazy things seem to happen to me this year, particularly within the medical realm. I’ll go through the latter first.

My normal dyshidrosis skin condition has run rampant (if you care to learn more about it, google it). My hands are covered in bumps (or vesicles as they’re referred to medically) that burn and itch like crazy. It hurts to do basically anything with my hands, but particularly anything relating to water (showers and hand washing prove to be major discomforts). The picture below does not even do it justice as you can't quite see the bumps and redness from my iPhone, and sorry if it grosses you out. :)

When I went to the doctor yesterday, she said it’s a condition that the medical field knows very little about with the only concrete finding being it strikes patients over the age of 10. Um, what?!?! Not very comforting people! She battles it as well, though has never had a flare-up to the degree or also on her feet. She gave me some suggestions of crèmes to use in addition to the steroid she prescribed. But seriously, what is up with me and the diseases that are relatively unknown and not preventable or entirely curable? Viruses, fibroids, endometriosis. I’m just a crazy medical one and have also become quite humorous (in a good way) to my doctor, too. Gotta love her.

The other reason is why I’m crazy. So, with the loveliness of the rain has come the nastiness of gross, horrible roaches in our house. Katie has been out of town since Friday and I have found four of the nasty creatures, two alive IN MY ROOM and two dead. Needless to say, I was super creeped out last night. I’m not one who ever worries about strangers breaking into my house to steal or hurt me. Oh no, I worry about roaches crawling in my ears. I was on the phone with my brother when I found the gem last night, and he suggested wearing earplugs if I was so freaked out. Problem with that is, earplugs make it quite difficult to hear your alarm when you have a hearing loss. I briefly considered putting band-aids over my ears, but ended up resorting to sleeping with headphones in. And yes, I know that’s crazy.

I really need to get our landlord’s phone number from Katie…

And on a completely unrelated note, I've added clothes-making to my list of crafting favorites. Next post will include pictures of the projects I've finished thus far. Till then, bring on the crazy...