Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chanel et Moi

What do Chanel and I have in common? Well, in reality probably a whole lot of nothing. However, I like to pretend that she started her fashion designer days in a similar manner as me, though I do not expect to ever be considered a fashion icon. In any case, as you may have discovered (or heard from me), I have fully embraced my inner seamstress.

This past spring, I had a hankering to learn how to sew with a sewing machine. Considering my mom's first major in college was fashion design and my grandmother is an accomplished clothes maker and quilter, I'm surprised it took 28 years for my interest to peak. I think I was just plain intimidated before and finally gained the courage to try. I took a few JoAnn's classes and then had one-on-one training with my mom in July. See, I wanted to learn how to make simple things, but I also had visions of skirts, dresses, coats, etc dancing in my head...

I was successful! With my mom's expert help, I made this skirt (which is a little wrinkly in the picture; I should have ironed before photographing).

Then, with my newfound skills I was eager to spread my sewing wings. I gathered a few coupons and headed to the nearest JoAnn's to pick out my very own pattern and fabric. I decided to try my hand at a dress and was thoroughly excited to have created this completely on my own!! There are a few errors, but I don't think they are noticable. I cannot tell you how excited I got when I received compliments on the dress from strangers and friends alike. Not to be prideful, just greatful that I didn't look like a ragamuffin.

After my dress-success, I was hooked. I picked up another pattern, this time a cardigan. And even though it's not quite fall yet (though I'm forcing it to arrive...have already busted out a few closed-toed shoes...), I wore it and it didn't rip. Hahaha

If not for my hand issue and subsequent weeks out of town, I'm sure I would have made many more clothing items. I'm working on a little cute angel now; as soon as I finish it up, I'll post pictures. Though I'm getting a little nutso on the projects (currently working on the angel, pillows for my bed, three paintings for my room, and refinishing a table...yeah, I'm out of control).
Oh how I love creating something out of chaos (and believe me, a piece of fabric and some wacko-shaped tissue paper constitutes chaos); it brings joy to my heart to embrace my inner right-brained, creativeness. Even if it turns out a bit crazy. :)