Thursday, July 2, 2009

Apple and Banana Goldfish

My fabulous sister in-law, Heather, returned from their weekend visiting my parents in San Antonio to find she has shingles. In case you, like me, are not very familiar with the disease, look at Mayo Clinic for details. Topline, though, it is a virus that any person who had chicken pox has dormant in their body and can flare-up at any time. It is comprised primarily of an excruciatingly painful burning, rash. My grandmother had shingles several years ago and said she’d rather be in labor every day of her life than have shingles again (yikes! Sarah, I think this should maybe be added to your list of deepest fears…). Also, there is little doctors can do and victims typically have pain for many weeks. Please keep sweet Heather in your prayers! Not only is she in extreme pain, but she is also caring for her rambunctious and darling four-year old, McKenzie.

Which brings me to the hilarity (or at least in my opinion) of today’s post. My brother works for Pepperidge Farm, which McKenzie lovingly refers to as simply “the farm.” In an attempt to give Heather rest and spend some quality time with the cutie, he took her to work with him for a little while yesterday. He’s not quite sure what she thinks of his “farm” really being grocery stores, I’m guessing she still thinks there is an elusive plantation sprawled out somewhere in west Texas growing goldfish, cookies, crackers and any other tasty delight. Sadly, no such farm exists, so her day was spent following him around in a grocery store.

I’m not exactly sure what my brother’s day consists of (nor would he probably be able to detail mine), but yesterday included visiting his shelves/displays and taking copious notes on improvements, orders needed, etc. As you can see in the picture he snapped on his phone, McKenzie quickly joined in the note-taking. They then took a business lunch to review the improvements she noted throughout her morning. Her primary suggestion, might you ask? For Pepperidge Farm to produce Apple and Banana Goldfish. (anyone else get that childhood “apples and bananas” song bouncing in your head after reading that? You know, that one where you change the vowels to say silly things like “opples and bononos?”) Time will tell if her suggestion becomes a reality.

I was able to get a run-down of McKenzie’s day on the phone last night. Although, in addition to the farm, she also said she went to Sea World yesterday (don’t you love the inner workings of children’s minds?), she seemed to enjoy the working world. Another quite adamant comment she made when I asked about her Build-a-Bear dog she created with my parents was that it is in fact a “Build-a-Dog.” Silly Kenzie, tricks are for kids.