Friday, June 5, 2009

Shadow Diseases

So, I already am horribly bad about looking on WebMD when I have bizarre symptoms (or what I deem bizarre) and worrying about their worst case scenarios, which tend to be what they present. I have to force myself not to look anymore, knowing the purpose of those websites is typically to push readers to call their doctors, hence the worst case scenarios.

Anyway, I don’t make a habit of reading Prevention magazine; however, we run in it for one of my clients. To be a diligent media planner, I typically flip through to ensure I’m up-to-date on editorial content, competitive ads, etc. While I usually do not read articles, this month’s issue included one that caught my eye called “Shadow Diseases.” The reason? It mentioned in bold letters “endometriosis” which I recently had removed but know can reemerge.

Why am I bringing this up, do you ask? The article discusses “shadow” diseases that often strike folks who suffer from others. For example, if you have migraines, you’re more likely to have a stroke or heart attack.

What is endometriosis’ shadow disease you may ask? Um, it’s melanoma, a very deadly skin cancer. And if you have endometriosis, according to this article you are 62% more likely to also get melanoma. WHAT?!?!? I now have visions of myself seeing crazy ghosts because my hidden melanoma metastasized on my brain. Okay, not really, I stole that from a TV show.

Isn’t the goal of health content to promote healthy living, not freak people out?