Friday, May 22, 2009

Till Gabriel Blows His Horn

Five years ago tonight, I officially graduated from the fabulous University of Texas. Aside from this, 2009 also holds two other significant anniversaries: 10 years from high school and five years from starting work. Having only attended for a year and a half, I could give a flying flip about the high school I graduated from, so aside from knowing this year marks my 10 year reunion (which I will not be attending), I could really care less. Random memory, though, I’m a big journaler and fairly recently flipped through old journals. I was a little grossed out to find 10 years ago I thought I would marry my then-boyfriend. Some of you know the story of that relationship and I’m sure would join me in praising God that he had different plans!

My official five year work anniversary is Sunday. Yep, I’m a go-getter and started work two days post graduation! Anniversaries are a huge deal here and while we celebrate each year, the five-year increments receive extra attention. Five years includes a jacket (it’s a new style, though I haven’t seen it yet), an extra week of vacation and sick days, and a membership to Cooper’s Fitness Center should you choose to partake.

Anyway, in honor of these anniversaries, I thought I’d highlight a few special memories from each of the last five years.

I entered the workforce and started on Red Lobster…Became an “adult”…Made my first big solo purchase (a red couch!)…Began attending Watermark.

I officially joined Watermark and made the joyful commitment to begin serving in student ministries!...Researched and got my very first car, a shiny black Volkswagen Jetta…Longhorns killed OU for the first time in five years!

My little small group joined Lisa and Kristin’s, creating the wonderful trifecta…My mom graduated from her Master’s program and officially became a principal!...And we can’t forget the Longhorns winning the 2005 National Championship in January!!

Our fabulous community group began!!...Heather and McKenzie joined our family through marrying my brother… I transitioned off Red Lobster and onto Reliant Energy, Zales, and Hyundai…Our girls started high school.

I was “promoted” to supervisor and took on the M. D. Anderson account…Began CR…Jen joined our small group!...God graciously brought me through some very tough situations with the help of my wonderful community, family, sweet Mel, and my precious co-leaders.

I know 2009 has some wonderful memories ahead as well, including moving in with Katie in a few weeks!!! YAY!!!

And because today marks five years of being a Texas Ex, I have to include the song near and dear to all Longhorns’ hearts. And a few pictures of the beautifully orange tower during 2004 commencement. Hook 'em horns!!

The eyes of Texas are upon you, all the livelong day
The eyes of Texas are upon you, you cannot get away
Do not think you can escape them, at night or early in the morn'
The eyes of Texas are upon you
Till Gabriel blows his horn!!