Monday, May 11, 2009

Phanty of the Opera

Did you know the “Phanty” of the Opera lives in Dallas?!?!?

This weekend my brother’s family came into town from windy, dusty Lubbock. They arrived Friday night and prior to heading to dinner, I gave McKenzie her 4th birthday present a few months early (her birthday is in July). I embraced my inner Frank Lloyd Wright and built a dollhouse fit with doll furniture. No, I didn’t carve out the house myself, it was a kit, but I did built and paint it. In addition, I made matching bedding with the help of my new handy dandy sewing machine.

I attempted to make dolls for the house myself as I couldn’t find any cute ones that weren’t ridiculously expensive, but since I’m a sewing newbie, she turned out a bit more like a beat-up, electrocuted girl as opposed to the darling image I had in my head. So I opted for a cute little monkey family. The Little Mermaid is McKenzie’s hero, so I made her an Ariel birthday card to complete the gift (FYI - if you haven’t yet, I can almost guarantee you’ll get a hand-made card from me at some point; it’s my new favorite project!).

Friday night we ate at Mi Cocina in West Village (solely for convenience). The trendy atmosphere was quite hilarious to McKenzie, who loved dancing to the techno music. Shouldn’t Mexican food be accompanied by salsa not techno? I’m so not trendy. Saturday, Adam, Heather, and I had tickets to see Rent (which was a great show, by the way) and McKenzie spent the afternoon with my aunt Betty and cousin Libby, eating at Magic Time Machine and playing endless hours of American Girl. McKenzie was enthralled by the treasures around Betty’s house as she’s an artist, she has lots of fabulous decorative accents and such to entice any four year old. Her favorite, a giant, and cute, carrot pillow.

Prior to Rent, A, Heather, and I ate at a hilarious burger joint in Deep Ellum called Twisted Root Burger. While there, I was coined Little Miss Sunshine and A was Dick Tracy. Good burgers, interestingly fun atmosphere.

Are you curious about the “Phanty” reference yet? As I noted in my Christmas posting, McKenzie adores Phantom of the Opera! Sunday, we headed to the wonderfulness that is Breadwinners for Mother’s Day brunch and in true childhood fashion, McKenzie noticed aspects of the restaurant blind to my eyes. In our dining room, there were elaborate chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, sconces on the wall that resembled Lady Liberty holding her torch, an intricate mirror, and a random door at the second level that went nowhere. McKenzie proudly announced this was the Phanty of the Opera place as it reminded her of his home, and that he lived behind the door to nowhere. A and Heather are sure she will request a return visit to the Phanty with every subsequent trip to Dallas.

It was a great weekend and fun to see them all!