Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jon & Kate Plus 8

Basically since it began, I have loved the Gosselin family and enjoyed getting a glimpse into their lives raising twins and sextuplets, although feeling slightly voyeuristic at times. Aside from the cuteness, I was drawn to their authenticity (good and bad), family-focused lives, and heart for Christ. While not explicit on television, after reading their story on their website, it was apparent they are believers.

This last season I did not watch as frequently. Partially due to my hectic schedule and lack of a DVR, but I was also slightly turned off by the direction the show was going. Rather than being a look into the family’s day-to-day lives, it was heavy laden with product integrations. You’d think with it being my career this wouldn’t bother me; however, it seemed to change the heart of the show.

As with many people, I have been burdened by the tabloids’ stories of sensationalizing an impending divorce, affairs, etc. Given that, I had conflicting thoughts as to whether to tune-in to the season premiere last night. I was curious to see how they would respond, though was not sure that I wanted to support it since I think they should stop filming. Well, my curious side and practicality got the best of me knowing I am not a Nielsen monitored house, so me watching would have no effect whatsoever on ratings.

I was so very disappointed and clicked off my TV at the end with a heavy heart. Although they did not specify their reasons (which frankly, it’s none of my business anyway), both Jon and Kate spoke of divorce and potentially the sextuplets’ fifth birthday being the last family picture. Jon was in the episode sparingly as he was having a weekend “off,” and seemed bitter during the few interviews he partook in. Both said any decision they make would be for the betterment of their children.

I of course do not know the specifics, I do not know them personally, nor do I know their true hearts. At the same time, I am saddened by this news and truly hope for the sake of raising their family and maintaining the covenant they made to one another, they have a community of believers in their lives to pray for, love on, and encourage them to persevere through this obviously difficult time in their family. I also hope they really evaluate whether they should continue filming or turn off the cameras.

Is it sad I just spent an entire posting on a family I don’t know? Oh well…