Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ciao for Now?

So, I have to confess for a moment. I started this blog primarily with the intent to provide another outlet for writing, but also with a tinge of the “everyone else’s doing it” thought. In an attempt to be fully transparent, I have to say it’s become a bit of a stressor. Not in a large sense as I could care less sometimes, but to a small degree as I think through potentially interesting, witty, etc. things to share. I see other’s blogs which are full of great stories, pictures, and adventures and compare them with my rather dry entries. I also see other’s getting comments and I rarely have any.

Therefore, I’m considering shutting it down. Or at least to stop writing. I haven’t fully decided, I may just take an extended break (I kind of already started which is why there have been weeks between entries lately). I just hate that what was intended to primarily be a place of encouragement, sharing, and a personal outlet has somewhat turned into another source of comparison and seeing my blog as “less” than others.

Only time will tell whether I say à bientôt ou au revoir!