Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Broccoli Free!

A week ago today I said good-bye to the Broccoli. That thing had increasingly caused me pain for, hmm, eight months? Needless to say, it was a joy to say au revoir!

I had my post-operative appointment yesterday and was thrilled to see pictures. (Sarah, I'm SOO sorry you didn't get one of Wanda!) First off, the fibroid didn't look much like broccoli anymore (as in November and January when it received it's name). It had grown considerably and looked more like some freaky blob thing that was the same size as my uterus (which according to anatomy is the size of a pear). It had folded back onto itself and attached further to my uterus and to the side of my body! No wonder the pain had shifted around so much! One picture of the "dead" part was a little gross, but other than that, it reminded my mom and me of an alien, continually searching for a blood supply to help it grow and take over my insides!!!

I also was able to see the newly found endometriosis. If my surgeon hadn't pointed it out, I would NEVER have found it. For your knowledge, endometriosis looks like dark splotches, very non-descript. There was also a little cyst on one ovary or maybe it was a falopian tube? but they removed it easily.

Last week was a beast. Rather than dwell on the painful, unfun aspects though, I'll provide you with a few amusing bits. While at the hospital coming off anethesia, I couldn't talk due throat discomfort after being extabated, but the fabulous recovery nurse realized I was in pain so she upped my IV pain meds. Well, this caused me to stop breathing and need oxygen. After I was awake, she jokingly called me a light-weight. :) Also, in order to get all the instruments in, they blew my stomach up with gas to the size of a six-month pregnant lady. While the swelling has gone down (though I still can't fit in pants :( ), it was worse last week. Friday my mom and her best friend Jody took me to lunch as my first post-surgery "outing." I tried on so many outfits, trying to find something that fit without making me look hugely pregnant since I'm obviously not. :) Man, that outing zapped me of energy.

I returned to work yesterday and aside from being tired and still somewhat swollen/sore, I'm doing well! Tidbit, my retired-physician grandfather told me it usually takes two-weeks to overcome the anesthesia from surgery alone, not including the healing! Interesting...

Now I just hope the broccoli and endo stay away...