Sunday, March 29, 2009

So, are you back for the summer?

This weekend we took 11 of our high school girls out to Possum Kingdom lake for a small group "loungin' at the lake" weekend. Aside from the frigid temperatures (it even snowed!), it was a fabulous time. We enjoyed chatting, playing games (I introduced them to Quelf!), and eating...a lot.

Our focus for the time was going deeper in relationship with God. Lisa, Kristin, and I shared at different times about what our biggest struggle is currently and how the Lord is drawing us nearer to him in the midst. We then had the girls make a collage using pictures/words from magazines to visually represent their biggest struggle and during Saturday morning quiet time, they added a verse of Scripture to the back to show God's Truth. We then gave them an opportunity to share with the group on Saturday.

It was so so great. I continue to be thoroughly impressed, blessed, and encouraged by their authenticity, love of each other, and pursuit of the Lord. Girls opened up and shared hard things. I think this is especially meaningful to me as I only embraced the Truth and freedom of authenticity in the last few years, and am infinitely greatful they are learning and applying it now! At 16! Praise God. We also had communion (with grape Gatorade, fantastic) and wonderful praise and worship time. All in all, it was a great weekend of rest and encouragement. For all you other leaders, I'd highly encourage trying to get away for a weekend, or even night, with just your group sometime! Maybe wait until high school, though...

Here are a few pictures. The last one being our small group favorite. Quick background, we stayed at Melissa and Molly's lake house and went to eat at a restaurant nearby. The waiter, or "suitor" as we like to refer to him, knows the girls but came up to our giant table of girls just to talk to Melissa! He asked her "so, are you back for the summer?" in an attempt to strike up the conversation, though it's March. Needless to say, we were all holding in bursts of laughter and Lisa was quick and sneaky enough to capture the moment.