Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Cinderella Story

I am a sucker for anything Cinderella (did you know she's French?!?). She was my favorite Disney princess and I also love the movies Ever After, Rodgers and Hammerstein's version, and yes, even Hilary Duff's rendition. Speaking specifically of the latter, while I do own and have watched A Cinderella Story multiple times (including the actor commentary...feel free to poke fun), I can honestly say, watching it with 17 sophomore girls was a new, joyous experience.

Sadly, I only have three pictures from DTown (our disciple now retreat), though this one may make up for that. We watched the love story Saturday afternoon after the picture scavenger hunt. I snapped this gem during the scene when Austin, aka Prince Charming, realizes during the last football game he may lose his Cinderella. He throws down his helmet, runs off the field up the bleachers, and kisses his princess. During the kiss, the heavens open up and a rainstorm ends the Southern California drought.

They all screamed in girlish delight and claimed it was one of the most romantic moments. While I do love the movie, I wouldn't go that far. Take note of sweet Kate's excitement (for those who do not know her, she has her hands over her mouth).

In the spirit of Cinderella, I'll close with the words on a fun plaque my mom gave me for my desk at shoe can change your life.