Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Minute to Complain

I'm taking a minute to complain for I'm sick of three things: the Broccoli , coughing, and my jaw.

The Broccoli (aka the pedunculated fibroid) pain began periodically last summer and continues to intensify each month. It now often hurts into my back and right leg. And I have to wait until April to get it out. I have pain meds but am still figuring out the daytime dosage so I don't fall asleep at work! In any case, it's not unbearable, I'm just a little tired of it.

Since I was sick, I've had this rather annoying cough. The past week it's turned into a dry cough. My doctor told me I'd probably have it for a few weeks; stupid virus!

And finally, my jaw. I've had jaw pain off and on since having braces when I was 12, though typically not too bad. After breaking my tooth three years ago and receiving a series of different crowns since I keep having allergic reactions to the metal, it's hurt more. I quit chewing gum years ago, which helps, but unfortunately I clench my teeth and sleep on one side to enjoy the affects of my built-in ear plug (aka my hearing loss). I think I'm going to try one of those mouth guard things.

These "issues" are really not a huge deal, just annoying; therefore, I hereby end my minute of complaining.