Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Let me just say, I'm beginning to think maybe I jinxed myself. Obviously I don't really believe this is possible, but in early January I boasted to my team at work that I had successfully made it almost five years with only two real sick days. What happens the next week? I'm struck down. I then returned to work, feeling more humble, but still relatively satisfied. What next? Struck down again last week. I know I said I like my doctor, just not this much.

A guy at work asked me if I enjoyed my five day weekend. I quickly replied it was most definitely not enjoyable considering I was battling the plague (okay, not quite the plague but I'd say a virus, strep throat, and a painful fibroid constitutes plague-like consideration). But seriously, who says that?!?

If anyone has a trick to cure the unending cough, I'd gladly try it. Unless it includes drinking an entire gallon of orange juice in a day...

Anyway, in honor of my newfound germ-o-phobic status, a clip from a jolly Seinfeld episode.