Friday, January 23, 2009

Security Breach, Security Breach!

My brother had this fabulous game as a kid called Omega Virus. Basically, it was an interactive game in which you are trying to defeat a rogue computer virus that taunted you with hilarious phrases such as "you human scum!" and "security breach, security breach!" Well, my immune system has been working overtime the past few days to defeat my own Omega Virus. And for some reason this phrase kept popping in my head as I lay on the couch.

I have been blessed with a rather good immune system, rarely missing school as a kid and have only taken maybe three sick days in my five years working. Even knowing this, I have always despised missing school/work! Some of it is related to missing things, but I also have a bizarre feeling that I'm letting people down or they won't believe me. Dumb, I know. Maybe this needs to appear on my inventory? I wonder how you include "sickness fears" on that thing, hmm...

Anyway, I woke up feeling awful on Wednesday morning, but since I initially didn't have a fever, was conflicted thinking I should go to work. What'd I do? Yeah, I called my mom who promptly told me to stay home. Thankfully I listened as I had a viral infection and ended up feeling worse! In the midst of my feverish haze, sleeplessness, and discomfort Wednesday night, I prayed telling God it'd be fabulous if Jesus came back. :)

Thankfully I'm feeling much better today and have returned to work. One funny thing in the midst of the yuckiness; Sarah and I see the same doctor and both of us have been regular attendees over the past few weeks with our issues (my fibroid and her cyst). Well, our doctor got us confused at first on Wednesday. Then said she's been having abdominal pain and worried we'd passed our issues on to her! She finds it quite funny that we both see her, are in the same community group, have somewhat similar, rare issues, and have the same name.