Sunday, January 4, 2009

Motherhood, Pounds, and Lions

Friday night we watched a 20/20 special called Extreme Motherhood. Let me just say there are some very odd people in this world! From women who are breastfeeding their eight-year old children to those carrying around fake babies for attention. The fake babies were especially bizarre; dolls made to look like real children and are treated as thus by their owners. One such woman had many dolls, changed their diapers, took them on walks, and was upset when passersby did not gawk at her "newborn child." In the words of Heather my sister-in-law, who borrowed her daughter's fabulous phrase, "the fake baby people freak me out!"

Last night we saw the movie Seven Pounds. While it is not a feel good movie, it is quite interesting. The storyline unfolds slowly and Will Smith proves himself to be an exceptionally talented actor. There were several promising chick flick previews. We followed the film with a rather delicious dinner at a new French restaurant. Superbe!

Lastly, I finished A Voice in the Wind, the first installment of Francine Rivers' Mark of the Lion series this morning. Wow. It takes place in the Roman empire following Christ's death and once again, Rivers captures Truth in a strikingly powerful way. I highly recommend it and am eager to begin the second book. Thankfully I bought it earlier this week!

Back to the real world tomorrow. I am saddened to end my vacation, yet anxious to see how this new year unfolds.