Monday, December 29, 2008

It's Gonna Freak Me Out!

I had the joy of spending Christmas with my sweet three-year old niece. Of course my parents, brother, sister-in-law, and Berkley the Golden puppy were all there, but McKenzie is the subject of today's Christmas post.

I arrived to windy Lubbock to be greeted by a Paris-adorned girl. Um, could she be more cute in her purple Eiffel Tower, j'adore Paris dress?!? I love the daisy flower, too. Quite stylish.

This girl is a HAM! She has the most fantastic facial expressions (I'll post more Christmas pictures later) and says the craziest things, though I suppose most three-year olds do. Her newest, and my favorite, phrase is "it's gonna freak me out!" when she thinks something is scary. While looking at Christmas lights, she used said phrase to describe a rather creepy looking Mary who was part of a blow-up nativity scene. I agreed, it freaked me out, too.

As with most little girls, McKenzie's quite obsessed with princesses, particularly of the Disney variety. However, she also LOVES Phantom of the Opera!! Who would have thought receiving this DVD was one of the highlights of a three-year old's Christmas? Cute girl enthralled by the Phantom in her rather sparkly Disney princess dress.

It was a joy to see some Christmas magic through the eyes of a child. And as McKenzie repeated several times, "Jesus is in my heart and makes me special." What a true, yet simple childlike phrase encapsulating the essence of this holiday.